Welcome to family Verberne-Manders on the Schooteindhoeve. You can relax on our active dairy farm or in our yard and stay the night in a gypsy wagon. This wagon is unique  and authentique for the Netherlands. You can also stay the night as a contributor of friends on bikes  in the second half of our farmhouse.

During your stay you can explore the War-museum of our 17 year old son, admire and likewise an excursion on the cows company, or take a dive in the heated outside swimmingpool.

You can also rente a bike or paint in a creative atelier. It is well worth the effort.

In short all kinds of possibilities on our Schooteindhoeve.

For pictures: see Fotogalerij= Photo gallery. And see the movie by Schooteindhoeve/philosophy.


In 2013 the idea arose for a guests stay at our farm grounds. A place for you as a guest only, entirely in nature. Ideal to recover, recharge, and above all to enjoy, just by being here.

It is often the small things that make him do.  We award lots of our customers in the outside air, to rest and be in harmony with themselves and with nature. So in short on the Schooteindhoeve you can drink a glass of wine in a hottub overlooking the fields or just sit old fashioned together by the campfire, with above it a simmering kettle. And all of this in a place where the nights can be really dark. Return to the sounds, the smells and earthly pleasures by staying on this unique location as a free “nomad”.