Since 2008, our son’s started a small war museum in a barn on our yard; called “Oorlog en Co”. it is a museum about World War II in particular in Vlierden.The museum was founded in 2009 by the then 11-year-old Wils. The start of the museum got a lot of media attention, given the young age of taste. The museum has a large amount of objects from the second world war. It is also about the war in the village Vlierden. In addition, there is a very special object, a Briefcase that once belonged to Erwin Michael Joseph, a Jewish boy who by people-smugglers in Vlierden in the woods near the museum was killed during the war. There is a special glass case devoted to him and his family. It is worth seeing it also for childre. It is very special this private collection, especially because we are talking about an enthusiastic initiative of a young person.


In the 2nd part of the House of the family Verberne are for adults and children( for more than 20 years), creative workshops.  Among others: painting, decorative techniques, mosaics and green decorations. This used to be the cow shed and this is now attractive furnished and also serves as a reception room for larger groups with special purposes or as a breakfast room for guests of “friends on bikes.” Ordered in advance one can paint in the pasture or in the garden. There are several options.  For more information consult your hostess Hanneke.


As a guest in the wagon one gets a free guided tour on our active dairy farm. In consultation with farmer Peter you can also actually help during milking or feeding the calves and of course hugging the animals. This is very nice for little children, as well as eggs lash out with the farmer’s wife. Near the wagon on the yard is also the animals meadow with sheep, goats and chickens.

Our motto: there is almost nothing so soothing as a stable full of cows on a winter evening or on a balmy summer evening lying in the grass to gaze to the cattle and sheep in the meadow.


Place to sleep  for people who are members of the Organization“friends on bikes”.

At the top of the atelier you can  enjoy staying in a great original for you as a guest in a space (s) only, a place to sleep. You will then have a common shower and toilet available.


Schooteindhoeve is just outside the built-up area of the village of Vlierden. This village with the unofficial motto “village full of action” is bounded by the river Asten Aa, the Liesselse Forests either the Galgenberg, on the northwestern side by the Oostappense Heide and the forest area the Brouwhuissche Heide. Here in lies the busy nature reserve De Bikkels forest park, which consists of a Heath with drifting sand hills and rare Juniper thickets. Our farm is located a few steps from this forest. This environment is excellent for hiking/biking and nature lovers. You can also visit historical sites here hiking and at the same time as the family tomb of the famous Deurnese family Wiegersma (book/roman: Help de dokter verzuipt =help the doctor causes flooding of the writer Toon Kortooms) the kapelaan Brandsma Woods, with remnants of the bathing and swimming pool excavated in the 1930’s by the young people (JOWA) by then. For more information about this, refer to The War Museum Oorlog en Co on our farm. And so the Brouwhuissche heide is part of the nature reserve ‘ de Peel ‘.Vlierden is one of the parishes of the municipality of Deurne and The Deurnese is the part, the Peel. It includes a total of over 1400 acres. The Deurnese Peel consists of a central part, the northerly area the bump, and some southern parts called ’t Heitrakse Zinkske and the Peel. Along with the Maria peel in Limburg is a contiguous area of approximately 2750acres. The whole is owned by the Forestry Commission. It is part of the Natura 2000 site under the name Maria & Deurnsche Peel peel.

10 km away is ‘ de Groote Peel ‘ with its unique landscape, lakes and Moors. The visitor center “De Penen=the Pen” is well worth a visit you to honor your hiking tour starts.A little further lies the 1500 acre Strabrechtse Heide area. Also an impressive nature reserve. It seems like the only shrub-and Heath fields exists. The Forestry Commission has a number of walking trails. They are marked with coloured poles and vary in length. Dogs allowed, on a lead.For all kinds of other activities and days out, see links below. Or visit the tourist office in Deurne. For more information please contact Hanneke hostess.